REVIEW: The Whocares – Now In Full Stereo

The Whocares - Now In Full StereoThe Whocares – Now In Full Stereo
CD 2014 Give Me Gold Records

When The Whocares released ‘Smooth Driving Tunes’ in 2012 it really got me in the mood for more and it seems that my request has been granted with the release off the full length ‘Now In Full Stereo’, the follower to the ‘Smooth Driving Tunes’ EP and the digital only compilation ‘Get Them’.

The coolest thing about The Whocares is that they breathe guitar driven rock and roll with a dirty edge. But for me their mostly mid temp rock sometimes misses a bid of that extra rawness. Rock and roll for me equals rawness, dirtiness, greasiness, a punky edge, … it is there but I find ‘Now In Full Stereo‘ a bid to polished at times.

Nevertheless ‘Now In Full Stereo‘ certainly is a more then decent rock and roll album. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. 69’r
2. The Dark Side
3. Take It All
4. What You Want
5. The Devil’s Hand
6. Do You Wanna
7. Shakedown
8. Burning Up The Night
9. Get Outta Here
10. Hard Driven Power
11. Nothing Left To Say
12. Your Girl, My Date


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