REVIEWS: 7er Jungs – Skinhead Drinking Time

1469781_664731686880850_1032461597_n7er Jungs – Skinhead Drinking Time
7” 2013 Randale Records

7er Jungs are back with a new three track 7” of aggressive but melodic skinhead Rock and Roll with their own dark edge. The 7” contains two own songs (A-side) plus a cover (B-side) of ‘I Love Rock and roll’ by Jake Hooker and Alan Merrill from Arrows but probably most famous in the version of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.

Starting with the B-side, I certainly love this song and consider it, most of the time, an asset to a record when its properly covered and it certainly is on this release.

Back to the A-side, the album starts with a (typical) skinhead party anthem ‘Skinhead drinking time’. With the next song ‘No Time for FasciNation‘ 7er Jungs hits a more serious topic and take a stand against any form of dictatorship, extremism, the prejudice and the lies being spread about them (you know being a German skinhead band and all…). It certainly is done in style here.

Great 7” by these German skinhead rock and rollers. 8/10

Track list:
A1. Skinhead Drinking time
A2. No Time for FasciNation
B1. I love Rock n Roll



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