Hardcore and punk rock is more than just music and so is Groezrock.

H2O has a point in their song ‘What Happened’, they represent a feeling that is among a lot of older hardcore and punk rock fans around the world.

When it began, for those who don’t know
it didn’t matter how you looked or what you wore to a show
dress codes, FUCK NO! we didn’t care
about the brand of your jeans and all that shit in your hair

When I came in contact with hardcore and punk rock it was more than just the music that appealed to me. It was the whole thing surrounding it: not only the fun and the rebellious image but also the messages, the values, …

But now the biggest part is all about the image and not the art
Fashion before passion!

What happened to the music and the message that I love?

When you look at Belgium’s biggest hardcore and punk rock festival GROEZROCK, and more specific at the distro market you see a lot of clothing brands and you get the feeling that you are walking in one giant clothing store. It seems that image is indeed important nowadays. In a way I have no real problem with the whole image thing, these are modern times I guess, but it doesn’t mean you have to act like that is important, it doesn’t mean that you have to go with the flow because everybody else does, that you have to wear the right clothes to be hip … I mean… fuck that shit to me its passion before fashion.


The good thing is that the values aren’t gone (yet), OK you could discuss the presence of big corporations on festivals like Groezrock but again these are modern times. More important is the presence of organisations like: Bite Back, Sea Shepherd Belgium, Greenpeace Belgium, Hardcore Help Foundation, Just like your mom toursupport….

So when you are at GROEZROCK, don’t forget, besides seeing a lot of cool bands, buying records and band merch to visit these organisations, eat some veggy/vegan food but most of all KEEP THE PASSION ALIVE.



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