REVIEW: Discharger / The Uprisers – split EP

Print PrintDischarger / The Uprisers – split EP
EP 2014 Rebel Sound Music

Discharger, from The Netherlands, is spreading their anger and violence since 2004. The two songs on this split are real melodic streetpunk rock’n’roll anthems (a bid like bands as Discipline used to make it) about drinking and violence. So testosterone driven Oi rock and roll with a twist a metal, rockabilly and some acoustic parts.

The Uprisers on the other hand add some oestrogen to the split, they are a female fronted punk rock and roll outfit from New Hampshire. Vocalist Britney Noyes has a punky and a bid enervating sound. It aren’t the most enjoyable vocals around, but I’ve heard worse. Its not that here vocal capacities are bad, I just don’t like it that much. They bring one new song and a reworking of an old ‘The Radicts’ song.

Considering both bands, this is a very odd split but it gives an idea of how divers punk can be. 7/10

Track list:
1. Discharger: Everytime we drink
2. Discharger: No place for our kind
3. The Uprisers: Everybody’s Got A Reason
4. The Uprisers: Ghetto Blaster


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