INTERVIEW: H2O at Groezrock 2014 in cooperation with Thrash Life Mag

indexH2O interview with Adam (bass) at Groezrock 2014 in cooperation with Thrash Life Mag:

This is the only life I want to live in 1995!
I’m not coming home there’s nothing there for me.
Time flies, it goes by and then you realize
I’m not coming home, this is where I want to be “

H2O is, besides the chemical formula for water, also the name of an American hardcore punk band formed in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York. When Toby Morse was touring as a roadie with Sick Of It All (an American hardcore band, formed in 1986 in Queens, New York) he would sometimes sing with the band. He liked it so much that in 1995 he decided to start his own band called H2O. 423037_10150871543582907_187207030_nAt Groezrock I had a chat with Adam, bass player of H2O and in my point of view, H2O are one of the greatest hardcore punk bands around. I think they are one of the few bands that make a bridge between hardcore and punk rock fans. We certainly appeal to different crowds, punk rock was always the thing we came from, punk rock and hardcore are our main influences, we never saw metal as a big influence although me and our drummer are big metal fans, says Adam.

Me and all my friends we got nothing to prove, nothing to lose!
you know us and what we achieved
from the streets of L.E.S to your TV!
Many have come, and many will go, but 20 years later
Who’s still running the show”

In 2008 H2O released an album called ‘Nothing To Prove’ with the kick-ass songs ‘Nothing To Prove’ and ‘What Happened’. The album made quite a statement but it wasn’t meant to be as a big kick in the ass of the hardcore scene. “I don’t think it was designed to be what it seems to be now, ‘What happened’ was just a song about something that we noticed, something that we saw at shows. It is not about hardcore alone, it is about music, it is about life, it is more general”, Adam replies.

And I know, that people change
and we go through different stages in life
and I’m not here to criticize
but the reason I scream, is a feeling inside”

Certainly ‘What Happened’ became quite an anthem and illustrated a feeling that was or still is among a lot of older punk rock and hardcore fans. “It was something I felt at one point but now I’m a bid wiser, a bid older and I said to myself: the scene is meant to change and I don’t necessary have to understand it or like it … I like to think that the scene keeps rebuilding itself in a different modal”, says Adam.

H2O_20DFYR_originalIn 2011 H2O released a tribute album called ‘Don’t Forget Your Roots’. It was an album they were talking about to do for years. With this album they wanted to pay tribute to the bands they grew up with: “We wanted to get kids turned on by those bands that influenced us. We could also do some ‘U2’ and ‘The Police’ covers but we choose the hardcore and punk ones because they directly influenced our sound”, Adam says.

Over the years H2O played a lot of shows and did a lot of tours and according to Adam, touring is harder than it used to be, not so much on a financial point of view but more on a spiritual and emotional point of view. The band was the only thing they had in life, there wasn’t much besides that. Now they all have a wonderful home-life, wife and kids that they love, which makes it harder to leave behind and go on tour. “Its hard when it comes to travelling but its still a part of our lives. We love playing shows maybe we don’t love tours”, Adam says. “I like what we do, I’m proud of it and I just want to keep doing it”, Adam adds.

Hard times have come our way, we held it down and kept the PMA!”

H2O is also one of the most outspoken PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) bands around and its not because they try to keep it positive that they don’t have shitty days, nobody is perfect. Let me tell you a secret: “they are just humans too.”

A new H2O album is on its way the band has about 13 songs but its been six years so what’s another year.




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