INTERVIEW: Larry And His Flask (USA) at Groezrock 2014

Larry And His Flask (USA) interview at Groezrock 2014

hdr_150Larry And His Flask is a country, bluegrass, folk, punk, … band from Oregon who started out as a real punk rock band in 2003 but changed their style to more roots oriented music. Its a band that fits ‘Out Of Step Fanzine’ perfectly and ‘Larry And His Flask’ certainly is, so far, our discovery for 2014. I had a chat with these nice lads at Groezrock, here is the result.

Around 2008 we changed our style, we lost our drummer and decided to change our sound. It was something we all wanted to do. We wanted to be able to keep performing on the streets and collecting gas money as well, we wanted to keep the party going even when there is no electricity“, the band explains.

Larry And His Flask is a real life band and after seeing them at Groezrock I can confirm that they have a very energetic and enthusiastic stage performance. They certainly feel more comfortable playing live then spending time in a recording studio. That is in a way explained by the fact that they come from an area where there aren’t a lot of studios so the easiest thing to do is performing live on the streets, in bars, ….

unnamed2In the past they ended up on the Vans Warped Tour due to the Dropkick Murphys. So you will not find them only on festival like ‘Muddy Roots’ but also playing with a divers type of bands like The Dropkick Murphys, Streetlight Manifesto, The Reverend Horton Heat, Frank Turner, … and that seems to work pretty fine:We kind of blend a lot of genres ourself so we can appeal to a wide audience and it really works with a lot of different types of bands. The bands you mentioned they tend to attract very good audiences that love music and not just their own specific style of music so we were able to get to their fans and it felt like we were very appreciated”, the band replies.

If I have to describe their music besides dropping a whole bunch of genres it would be feelgood music with a dark side, party music with some sadness and tragedy,certainly when you listen to songs as ‘my name is cancer’, a song written by drummer Jamin. Jamin told me that he is a former cancer patient and that he wrote the song thinking that the drug companies and sometimes the doctors were taking advantage of the patients and money wise putting people in horrible debts. “I wrote it out of the perspective of the cancer, its the voice of the cancer that is talking to the patient and the doctor. It sure is a dark subject but we play it with fun”, Jamin says, you got to take the dark with the light … everything of life can be found in our music … there is love, hard times,… but its always a party with Larry And His Flask”, the rest of the band adds.

The band is inspired by life in general and everything they see around them but specially the travelling, the people they meet and the new music they hear are a huge source of inspiration but also and certainly in the beginning of the band and in the recreation and reformation of the band: love, friends and family, …


They see the band as a doorway to meet people, to meet their heroes and to play all over the world. Although they only played two continents they want to play them all and although its hard being away a lot from the people they love, touring and playing life is what they love and will keep doing.


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