REVIEW: 1000 Degrees – Back To A New Way

unnamed1000 Degrees – Back To A New Way
CD 2014 Indiebox Music

I never heard of 1000 Degrees before (although they played in Belgium on their 2013 European Tour) but it seems to be an Italian (Genova) hardcore/punk band formed in 2008 and who released a 4 song E.P. called ‘A Little Beat Faster’ in 2010 and a first album called ‘Has Already Past’ in 2012 by the Italian label IndieBox.

So I can’t compare ‘Back to a New Way’ (recorded in January 2014 and released mid/end April)with their previous releases but it certainly is an interesting release. The only thing I can say is that their music is overall fast and powerful melodic hardcore with post-rock influences and for the ones who like name-dropping its a bid like The Ataris meeting Polar Bear Club. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Orange Train
2. Back To A New Way
3. Great Expectations
4. Losing Weight
5. This Time Tomorrow
6. Instead Of
7. Downhill
8. The Tallest Tree Around
9. Sayonara
10. Astronaut


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