REVIEW: Razorblade – My Name Is Vengeance

razorblade-mynameisvengeance_1_1Razorblade – My Name Is Vengeance
LP/CD 2014 Rebellion Records

Holland’s heaviest Oi! band Razorblade is back with a new album called ‘My Name Is Vengeance’, their seventh one so far as I’m not mistaken.

The mood is immediately set by a medieval chant of the templars as an intro but its a big contrast with the nine songs that follow: the rest of the album hits you full speed like a bulldozer that destroys everything in its path. With songs that strongly tend to hardcore and others that have a more typical Oi! Sound, Razorblade in a way is an all-rounder when it comes to heavy and aggressive Oi! related music. Whether you like to call it Oi!, streetrock or hardcore, one way or the other you can find it all on My Name Is Vengeance. Razorblade fans will not be disappointed. 8/10

Track list:
1. Intro
2. My Name Is Vengeance
3. Warriors
4. Feel The Rage
5. Sniffing Glue
6. Daily Grind
7. The Battle of Vught
8. Under Siege
9. Who Are You
10. Never Fade Away


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