INTERVIEW: Atlas Losing Grip

1505487_10152154819258628_904026204_nAtlas Losing Grip (Sw) interview at Groezrock 2014

Since the early 90s Swedish punk rock bands have made their mark on the punk rock scene. According to Atlas Losing Grip is in the top 3 of Swedish punk rock bands after No Fun At All (2) and Millencollin (1). That’s not bad for a band that only started about 9 years ago but what about the other new bands?. We are honoured, yes”, the band reacts. “To be honest, we don’t know a lot of new Swedish pop punk bands, we dont really follow the current pop punk scene. The old bands, like Millencollin, are still hanging around and No Fun At All is playing shows again, they couldn’t stay away for to long, but we do not know about other bands”, the band adds.

When Atlas Losing Grip started they did not had the feeling that there was a scene for the kind of music that they play because it was big in the nineties.We had the feeling that there was no other scene that wanted to touch us because we were doing something that was hot 10 years before. We did our thing and started to play a lot outside the scene, we are actually doing much better outside Sweden”, the band adds. When Rodrigo (Satanic Surfers (RIP)) joined the band it certainly helped to put Atlas Losing Grip on the Map, the name ‘Satanic Surfers’ opens doors. Besides the fact that he is a great singer, it certainly helps to have a pro in the band, according to Rodrigo’s band mates.Afbeelding1 002

In 2011 the band released the overall well received album State Of Unrest. It was the first album with the new singer, Rodrigo. The high expectations towards the album, working with a great label that helped promoting it and good songs made it a success.“The difference between ‘State Of Unrest’ and the previous EP was that with the EP the songs were already ready and Rodrigo just did the vocals but with ‘State Of Unrest’ we all worked together and Rodrigo was involved in the song writing as well. The album is a good melting pot of us all”, the band adds. “There’s a really big difference between the first Atlas Losing Grip album and ‘State Of Unrest’, its much darker, when we started the band we played skate punk because their were no bands around playing that music except the old ones. On ‘State of Unrest we had found our sound but its still developing”, the band adds.

The band is working on a new album and without wanting to say too much about it, it will be different and more varied than ‘State Of Unrest’. It will be a natural progression, the softer parts and the more metal parts, that were on ‘State Of Unrest’, will be taken even further to create what they call the ‘Atlas’ sound. The band members are big heavy metal fans and like Iron Maiden, OLD Metallica, … and the new album will be kind of their way to say thanks to all those band that influenced them. Knowing this and knowing that Atlas Losing Grip only do things 100% there own way, the album will be 100% Atlas Losing Grip,they certainly made me pretty curious.

Afbeelding1 003

In February Rodrigo posted following statement on the bands facebook page:

I have just spent the last 66 minutes and 6 seconds listening through the third mix of the upcoming Atlas Losing Grip album.
If this happens to be the last recording I ever sing on, I leave you with a piece of myself and probably the most honest words I have ever written.
I want to thank the rest of the band for giving me the breathing-space to ventilate these last few years of my life on what is OUR album.
It’s an honour and a pleasure to create music and to share this with the four of you.”
//R 1920487_10152303646703628_1627912222_n

I had a bid of a downer,” Rodrigo explains. “I have a cyst in my throat and I had three operations so far which were unsuccessful. A fourth one follows on 20 May and I hope it helps, I’m afraid that the operation will damage my vocal core, “Rodrigo explains. So we will see what the future for Rodrigo and Atlas Losing Grip will bring and wish him and the band all the best.


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