30876_125816354110255_4424676_nGet Dead interview at Groezrock 2014

Groezrock called GET DEAD from San Francisco, CA one of the coolest and interesting new punk rock bands around. Reason enough for me to have a chat with Sam (vocals) and Tim (Bass).

Like label mates ‘Old Man Markley’, Get Dead aren’t your typical Fat Wreck band with the blend of Boston punkrock, folk and acoustic music. To some it came as a surprise that you got signed by Fat Wreck: “Some people were thinking that we didn’t really deserved the recognition or deserved to get signed by Fat Wreck. Guess people were a bid confused at first because, like you said, we don’t have that typical Fat Wreck sound. We also don’t spend a whole lot of time being concerned of what other people think, it makes us who we are”, Tim replies.

Backed up by a label like Fat Wreck certainly helps getting your name out, but on the other hand it also makes it harder. As still quite a new band, Get Dead need to proof themselves because people have certain expectations from Fat Wreck bands. “Yeah, it is but at the same time we’ve all been in punk rock bands and hip hop bands before so … and we really don’t give a shit what people expect from us. We’ve been disappointing our parents for years”, Sam replies. “Lots of people try to bill us with other bands, like with hardcore bands or street punk bands and we’ve been on a varied of bills where we don’t fit in necessarily”, Tim adds.


When I heard the latest album ‘Bad News’ for the first time, the raspy vocals of Sam reminded me of Torr Skoog (RIP) from ‘The Kings of Nuthin’. Ow yeah my mother breastfed me with cigarets, I really don’t had a choice,” Sam laughs.

On the ‘Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute’ record, Get Dead did a cover of ‘Pre-medicated Murder’, a song selected with the help of Joe from RKL and Lagwagon. “Everyone in the band was, less of more, familiar with No Use For A Name, but we didn’t knew Tony Sly personally, We know Joe who was a good friend of Tony. We wanted to do something that was meaningful and would stand out so we asked someone that new him personally to help”, Sam and Tim explain.


Get Dead are a bunch off musicians who put high standards to themselves, they like making music influenced by the life they lead, the people they meet, the music they hear (even if it is Coldplay), … but the life of a musician is uncertain and bills need to be paid so besides being in the band Tim is a teacher, Mike works in construction, Dave and Scott are bartenders and Sam paints houses.

Playing music is what they love but rent needs to get paid. They certainly would like to play Groezrock every night.


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