REVIEW: Sniper 66 – s/t

REB1017jacket_V3.epsSniper 66 – s/t
LP 2014 Rebel Sound Music

Sniper 66 is a punk quartet from Austin, Texas, formed in 2009 by singer/guitarist Dylan and bassist Jeff backed up by Jeremy on lead guitar and April on drums.

Are they worth checking out? Sure, certainly if you are a fan of hard-hitting fast forward rock and roll loaded street punk with some Boston streetpunk influences. To be honest it doesn’t sound all that renewing but its punk and it rocks. It certainly makes me want to raise my fist in the air.

So musically this one is for the fans of bands like Oxymoron, One Way System: classic punk but with a modern twist. 7/10

Track list:
1. Doesn’t matter anymore
2. spotted and rotted
3. Emergency
4. My Brother
5. Rise up
6. Firecracker
7. What’d you say
8. I Know it’s true
9. Hope for tomorrow
10. All dressed up
11. Let’s go have a drink


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