REVIEW: Get Dead – Bad News

Bad NewsGet Dead – Bad News
CD/LP Fat Wreck Chords

Bad News, the latest record by Get Dead is regularly coming out of my speakers for a few weeks now. I was immediately hooked when I heard their blend of Boston alike streetpunk, folk and acoustic music for the first time. Its a sound that suits me pretty well. From opener ‘Kerouac’s Teeth’ you got sucked in a twelve-song punk rock driven folky album fronted by a vocalist, whose raspy vocals sometimes remind me of Torr Skoog (RIP) from the Kings Of Nuttin’ and before realising it you just pushed the repeat button … again.

After seeing them live at Groezrock and talking to Sam (vocals) and Tim (bass) afterwards (click here for the result), I got to appreciate this record even more. With their friendly and down to earth mentality, their ‘we just do what we do’ attitude, their good stage performance and their ability to write catchy songs, I consider Get Dead as one of my favourite Groezrock discoveries of this year.

I think ‘Bad News’ is an album that above all reach its full potential in a full bar. 9/10

Track list:
1. Kerouac’s Teeth
2. The Process
3. Welcome To Hell
4. Burn Out
5. Landslide
6. This One’s For Jonny
7. Riverbank
8. Here’s Your song
9. Bartender
10. Leave A Message
11. Problematic
12. Battlelines


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