REVIEW: Hard Charger – Chrome Lord

Chrome Lord coverHard Charger – Chrome Lord
7” 2013 Primeval Sounds

Crust, grind, thrash punk comes to mind when I hear ‘Chrome Lord’ by the Canadian band Hard Charger. It seems that they prefer the term Crust’n’Roll themselves but lets not loose ourselves in the technicalities and just call it punk. Although I’m not a big fan of grind and crust, I mostly can appreciate anything thrash related and their certainly are thrash influences in these six rough, unpolished, fast and furious punk songs.

After listening to ‘Chrome Lord’, I’m not sure what to think of it: its hard, heavy, fast and furious and that’s good but that’s also where it stops for me. It doesn’t really touch me, but don’t hesitate to visit their facebook page and check them out.

They will be on a European Tour in June and will play in Belgium: Music City in Antwerp on June 26th and Vort’n Vis in Ypres on June 27th. All the dates are on their facebook page.

Track list:
1. Chrome Lord
2. Doc Ellis
3. Burn The Rich
4. Only The Grave
5. Spitting Venom
6. Wolves Of Bedlam


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