REVIEW: Immoral Discipline / Dead On The Streets – split EP

1Immoral Discipline / Dead On The Streets – split EP
EP 2014 Rebel Sound Music

Immoral Discipline is a Washington DC base streetcore/Oi band formed in 1986 but the band band broke up 3 years later in 1989. D.S.I. Archives released a retrospective CD of the band’s recorded material in 2011 and the band reformed afterwards with a new line-up under impulse of vocalist Shawn who is the only original member left. They are currently writing new songs for a new album but released two energetic, old school, real American Oi! songs as a sweet keeper.

The other band on this split EP is Dead On The Streets, a Pittsburgh PA based streetpunk/Oi band founded in 2013. Their two songs have a punkier sound in comparison to Immoral Discipline.

This EP is for the fans of American working class Oi music.

Track list:
1. Immoral Discipline: Riff Raf
2. Immoral Discipline: Stary At Home Skinhead
3. Dead On The Streets: Early Grave
4. Dead On The Streets: America Today


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