REVIEW: The Prowlers – On The Run


The Prowlers – On The Run
10” LP 2014 Aggro Beat

The Prowlers from Montreal (Can) are a band that definitely fits the Aggro Beat roster. If you don’t know Aggro Beat by now, its a Dutch record label & mailorder focussing on Oi!, punk, mod, ska, and reggae that support the original New York SHARP(Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice)-doctrine.

So, The Prowlers are an Oi! band formed in the late nineties influenced by older Montreal bands such as The Discords, Gassenhaur, Shock Trrops, Street Troopers, … but also by 80s Britisch Oi! bands like the Oppressed, … Now they are back with a new line-up delivering no-nonsense street rock and roll. ‘

On The Run’ is a true and true skinhead/Oi! record full op pissed of catchy sing-alongs about the skinhead way of live but most of all, its enjoyable anti-racist Oi! 8/10

Track List:
1. One Life
2. Badlands
3. End Of The Week
4. Fury OF Glory
5. Oi! Against Racism (Street Troopers)
6. Ghost From The Past
7. Lost And Drunk


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