Rockin’ to the rhythm of a Prehistoric Beat with The Zipheads at Retro Jardin

10441254_753568404666159_926553852174799565_nIs there a better way to spent a sunny Sunday afternoon then with your family and/or friends in a park with some drinks, some food and some nice rock and roll music in the background? I don’t think so and I was not alone looking at all the people and families that showed up on Retro Jardin, an event that takes you back to the fifties, in Park Cerckel in Diest. Although the event was hit by a short but furious storm for about 15-30 minutes it could not ruined the fun completely.


Everything retro, vintage or breathing the fifties way of live seems to be very hip these past couple of years. Not that I’m such a 50s hipster. You will not see me dressed up like Elvis or those dudes from Grease. The only thing I love from the 50s are the cars and the rock and roll music.

The main reason I was on Retro Jardin was to see the Hometown Gamblers, a country/rockabilly trio and the Zipheads, a British rock and roll trio that can be described as The Stray Cats meeting The Clash.


 The Hometown Gamblers

I’ve seen the Zipheads before on the Winter Rumble last year in Aarschot, so I knew what to expect: sharp edged rock and roll with a punk rock vibe. Also when you listen to their 2013 debut record ‘Prehistoric Beat’, you will hear that rebellious 50s rock and roll and rockabilly sound spiced up with a dash of country, jazz, swing and even some reggae and ska tunes. I certainly love them rockin’ to the rhythm of a Prehistoric Beat.

20140803_180813 20140803_180753 20140803_180810

 The Zipheads


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