REVIEW: Antagonizers ATL – Hold Your Ground

coverAntagonizers ATL – Hold Your Ground
EP 2014 Longshot Music

Antagonizers ATL are a four-piece street punk outfit from Atlanta, USA. The band consists of members from bands as HR, Follow For Now, A.P.A and Vibram 94. To be honest I never heard of the band and any of the mentioned bands before.

On ‘Hold Your Ground’ Antagonizers ATL offers four sing-along streetpunk songs with a high dose of dirty rock and roll. Topic-wise it mostly deal with believing in something and/or yourself and standing up for it … holding your ground …

Their sound sometimes remind me of the Streetdogs but then with a bigger punk vibe and more rock and roll. So this is one for the fans of streetpunk rock and roll. 7/10

Track list:
1. Hate City Rock
2. Believe
3. City Boy
4. Hold Your Ground


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