REVIEW: The Grim Imperials – El Drag Superior

a3432634367_10The Grim Imperials – El Drag Superior
CD 2014 DIY

The Grim Imperials are a four-piece rock and roll band from San Diego California, USA who just released a new CD called ‘El Drag Superior’. The band is together since 2013 and has released a 5-song EP called ‘Kicksville A.D’ and, earlier this year, this full-length album. Both albums are been self-released and available as digital downloads and on CD.

‘El Drag Superior’ consist of 9 wild and sleazy garagepunk tracks. It has a retro sound influenced by the wild decades of rock and roll: their sound combines elements from the rocking fifties, the garage rock from the sixties (organ included) and punk from the seventies.

Listening to ‘El Drag Superior’ sometimes feels like I’m listening to Iggy Pop jamming with the Ramones and Ray Manzarek from The Doors. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Dumb Luck
2. She Got
3. Fat the Bird
4. Alright for Now
5. Black by Six
6. Dear Mrs. Crowley
7. Sworn Believers
8. Just Head
9. Magic Potion


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