REVIEW: Aarschot Rockt.

10498385_10152968933287586_8775877667197815068_oLast Friday evening (5 September 2014) I was rocking to the tunes of a prehistoric beat, while driving towards Aarschot. Connoisseurs probably figured out I was listening to ‘Prehistoric Beat’ by ‘The Zipheads’ while driving to Aarschot Rockt to see ‘Cowboy Bob and Trailer Trash’ and ‘Small Time Crooks’. Also on the bill were opener ‘Shakin’ Up’ and headliner ‘Kirri Willy et Le Magasin Dangereux’.

Aarschot Rockt’ is a free evening full of rock and roll and roots music including a retro and vintage market, … located in the centre of Aarschot. A bid like ‘Retro Jardin’ in Diest but a bid less retro but still a fine and cozy evening for roots loving people.


Cowboy Bob and Trailer Trash

I couldn’t make it for the opening rockabilly/blues band ‘Shakin’ Up’ but I was just in time for ‘Cowboy Bob and Trailer Trash’. They are a German country and bluegrass band with a front man originated from the country of Uncle Sam. Some of the Trailer Trash couldn’t make it, so the band showed up as a 3-piece. Nevertheless the trio played some entertaining country, perhaps a little too clean to my taste. Although there was enough dirty language ;-), it could use some more … trash … and some more bass through the speakers. I surely enjoyed their version of ‘Folsom Prison’.


   Small Time Crooks

(sorry for the bad foto but go here to find better foto’s by some professionals)

Up next were ‘The Small Time Crooks’ four Dutch boys sporting hipster beards and ugly tattoos while lurking Jack Daniels on stage (but not in a way it would make Lemmy Kilmister proud). ‘The Small Time Crooks’ certainly know how to entertain with their humour soaked Skiffle music and songs like ‘Never argue with your barber’, … . Musically ‘Cowboy Bob wasn’t bad but ‘The Small Time Crooks’ were better, although after a while it more and more felt like just an act. Nevertheless it was fun.

Here ended Aarschot Rockt for me but I’m already looking forward to their Winter Rumble and a new edition of this fine event.

Aarschot Rockt

Shakin’ Up

Cowboy Bob and Trailer Trash

Small Time Crooks


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