REVIEW: The Karma Party – Illumination

TKP Illumination 1500x1500The Karma Party – Illumination
CDEP/digital 2014 Beautiful Life Records

‘Illumination’ is a new EP by a British band called The karma Party. They describe their style as Punk Step. When I see genre descriptions as Dubcore, Punk Step, … I immediately get the creeps. Call me old-fashioned (I don’t care), but mostly I don’t like it when punk and hardcore are mixed with electro, dubstep, ….

I say mostly because in the case of ‘Illumination’ I’m willing to make a small exception because musically it has the social criticism and controversy of punk (f.i. ‘Under Surveillance’ deals with the lack of privacy in the current social media, google, …. society), the poppy groove of The Streets (Democracity), a feel-good vibe with a dark undertone and some nintendo tunes. Unfortunately it also has dubstep and I’m not a big fan of that. I don’t mind when its nicely woven into the total sound but when it takes the overhand ….

‘The Karma Party’ certainly will appeal to the newer generations with their blend of punkrock, dubstep and hip hop. Although I’m not sure if Punk Step, … will live a long life, but in a way I’m glad that bands like this exist. Why?, because they might open some eyes, make some of the new generations think instead of taking everything for granted and going with the flow without thinking about the consequences.

Although I’m a bid more old-fashioned, I have a good feeling about this EP 7/10

Track list:
1. World War
2. Under Surveillance
3. Democracity
4. End of an Empire
5. Illumination


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