REVIEW: Missiles of October – Don’t Panic

Missiles of October - Don't Panic (2014) - coverMissiles of October – Don’t Panic
CD/LP 2014

The Belgium (Brussels) band ‘Missiles of October’ is a side project formed in 2012 by Bob Seytor (from Rotyes, ex-Contingent, Walpurgis), Mathias Salas (Rotyes, Frau Blucher and the drunken horses, ex-galvanized) and Lionel Beyet ([P.U.T], ex-Monster Eaters, big Peter, No Hope for All).

‘Don’t Panic’ is the bands first full-length, they already released an EP in 2012 called ‘Hangover’. On don’t Panic, the band delivers a dirty and heavy sound fronted by some raw raspy vocals. It certainly isn’t easy to describe their sound: you can call it punk, hardcore, sludge, noise or whatever you want. It doesn’t fit in one particular genre but one thing is for sure this is some dirty and angry sounding underground music.

Will it appeal to all of you? No, it will not, even I need a few more spins to see if I really dig it. If you are into noisy punk, you probably like it. 6.5/10

Track list:
1. Don’t Panic
2. Music for hangover
3. Two feet is sludge
4. Become an asshole
5. Wannabe
6. Cheerleader
7. Six pack
8. Addiction
9. Dead body
10. Dance with me
11. You pray a world of shit


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