REVIEW: Antagonizers ATL / DDC split EP

OB-GD17D.pdfAntagonizers ATL / DDC split EP
7” 2014 Rebel Sound Records

Antagonizers ATL are a four-piece street punk outfit from Atlanta, USA. Earlier this year they released the ‘Hold Your Ground’ EP through Longshot Music, which was well received here. Now Rebel Sound released a split 7” with Antagonizers ATL and DDC.

Antagonizers ATL offer two streetpunk songs with a high dose of dirty rock and roll called ‘Pressure’ and ‘The Crew’. Songs like we heard on ‘Hold Your Ground’.

DDC, also from Atlanta and founded in 2011, is a four-piece streetpunk band. They already released a 10”EP and will be part of several compilation albums and an upcoming split EP with Assault & Battery. Their two songs are for the fans of the American Oi! sound enriched with a hardcore punk vibe. 7/10

Track list:
1. Antagonizers ATL: Pressure
2. Antagonizers ATL: The Crew
3. DDC: Victory
4. DDC:Hated




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