REVIEW: Buster Shuffle – Naked

CoverbsBuster Shuffle – Naked
CD/LP/Digital People Like You Records

When Buster Shuffle (UK) released their first album ‘Our Night Out’ in 2010 I immediately fell in love with their poppy piano driven ska rock and roll sound, that cockney accent, … The band’s second album ‘Do Nothing’ (2012) was another direct hit.

Its seems that they are going to release records on a regular basis because it is 2014 and ‘Naked’ has hit the shelves. Again it is an album full of eleven catchy songs that offer a nice blend of Britpop and ska with an authentic rock and roll sound. More of the same I here you think, maybe it is, but why change a winning team? Still this is one of the best (ska) pop coming out of London nowadays. 8.5/10

Track list:
1. South
2. New Money
3. Naked
4. Devon
5. Take Him Down
6. I Wrote This Song Because My Girlfriend Told Me I Was Miserable
7. It’s OK Because The Kids Are Fashionable
8. Girls
9. Believe It
10. Home
11. Put Up




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