REVIEW: F.O.D. Tricks of The Trade

10403403_10152250057482775_698623267695366225_nF.O.D. Tricks of The Trade
CD/LP/Digital 2014 Funtime Records, Effervescence Records, Bird Attack Records, Bells On Records

For al long time I had the feeling that the Belgian hardcore and punk rock scene was suffering a status-quo. Not in a way that the scene was dead but in a way that bands kind off faded out before they could reach their full potential of becoming bigger touring bands.
The Belgian hardcore scene has The Setup as his biggest band. They tour a lot abroad, but also others are doing well: A band like A Strength Within is kicking ass, Homer can (almost) be seen as the godfathers of the Belgian hardcore and punk rock scene, Generation 84, The Octopussys, Gino’s Eyeball, Face The Fax, … are doing well. When it comes to bigger bands we still have The Kids and Funeral Dress doing their thing. But still there seems to be a missing link between the smaller bands and bigger touring European (and US) bands or maybe not …

Since the release of their first full album ‘Ontario’ in 2013, F.O.D. seems to be that missing link: gigging all over Belgium, touring Ontario and Quebec in Canada, playing in Paris and scoring a record deal in Japan, USA, … They have the potential of becoming big(ger) and their new album ‘Tricks of The Trade’ confirms that F.O.D. hasn’t reached his full potential yet and that they are still moving forward.

Their secret? Being a bid older and a bid more experienced then the average punk rocker certainly helps. Their ability to write decent catchy punk rock songs: some self reflecting (Tricks Of The Trade), some humorous, some combining both (Welcome to the show), some dealing with serious topics (Dear Grace), … certainly does the trick.

Some bands make the same record all over again and I guess it is hard for bands no to be repetitive but that isn’t really the case with F.O.D. and when they occasionally do flirt with monotony we forgive them with a big smile and sing along. 9/10

Track list:
1. Random Thoughts On A Saturday
2. My Daily Valentine
3. Welcome To The Show
4. No Even For One Day
5.Sing Along
6. Dear Grace
7. History Will Prove Us Wrong
8. Tricks Of The Trade
9. Homeward Bound
10. Little Princess (For Lente)
11. Nevermore
12. Cease To Exist
13. How Can You Leave Me If You Never Let Me
14. Mine to Me
15. She
16. Something More
17. Soundtrack Of My Life




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