REVIEW: Drug Shock – Strength In Numbers

10628060_810871228960638_3343646709615827882_nDrug Shock – Strength In Numbers
LP 2014 Rebel Sound Music/Joe Pogo

Drug Shock is a New England, USA based punk band that started in 2012 by former members of Iron Cross, Copyright Chaos, Forced Reality and Bust It. They already shared stages with bands as Evil Conduct, Negative Approach, Murphys Law, The Misfits, Toxic Holocaust, The Casualties, Gang Green, …

Musically ‘Strength In Numbers’ contains 12 guitar driven streetpunk tunes with sing-alongs, raspy vocals and a working class attitude.

It is a must have for punk fans who like the combination of nasty Uk punk, British Oi and American streetpunk. 7/10

Track list:
1. On The Prowl
2. Burn The Bastards
3. I Hate Everything
4. Smash and Grab
5. Choose or Lose
6. 1976
7. Detained on Arrival
8. Vermin
9. Speed Freak
10. Lady Liberty
11. Street Cred
12. System Overload



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