24 trips itunesPSYCHONAUT – XXIV Trips Around The Sun
EP 2014 DIY

‘XXIV Trips Around The Sun’ is the début EP by Psychonaut, a three peace psychedelic/stoner/sludge band from Mechelen, Belgium. They started in January 2013 when the three of them left their old band to continue with Psychonaut.

‘XXIV Trips Around The Sun’ has an atmospheric sound that goes from dreamy 70s psychedelic to down tempo Amenra and Musth alike post-metal outbursts. Combine this with a twist of Tool and you have a pretty good Idea what I’m talking about: not really radio friendly material but let’s be honest we don’t care about that. Psychonaut has released a damn fine musical piece of art.

The EP is available on both CD and Vinyl and offers 4 tracks propped into about 35 minutes. It also comes with a nice looking artwork. A great release from the psychedelic brothers of Amenra and Musth. 8/10

Track list:
1. Mantra
2. 24 trips around the sun
3. Ascendancy
4. Psychedelic Mammoth



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