NEWS: Atlas Losing Grip will release a new album in 2015.

1505487_10152154819258628_904026204_nI Always Have some records I’m really looking forward to be released. For now one of them is Rock or Bust From AC/DC (what did you expect) and another one is from my most favourite punk rock band from the last few years: Atlas Losing Grip. I’ve met the dudes in 2012 at Kloemprock (an alternative music festival I was part off.) and in 2014 I interviewed them at Groezrock.

afbeelding1-003Back then they were talking about a new album and knowing them as big metal fans they made me curious for the upcoming record. Here the band’s latest statement concerning the upcoming record:

“Finally things become more concrete! We spent months working on tour new album, only results were kept from you… until now: our third album will be released on 16 January 2015…in Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico and in the USA at the same time! The partner for the release in Europe and Australia is no one less than Cargo Records, and Creator-Destructor Records/ Revelation Records is in charge of the release in the USA, Mexico and Canada.

Of course, you need to have a little more patience until January 16. Also, you still have to wait for the title of the album, track list and artwork. But here’s a musical insight into our new song “Nemesis” which will also be found on the upcoming album.



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