REVIEW: Nicke Borg Homeland – Ruins Of A Riot

130219_NB_ROAR_Booklet_01.inddNicke Borg Homeland – Ruins Of A Riot
CD 2014 Gain Music

Nicke Borg is the front man and founder of the Swedish rock and roll formation ‘Backyard Babies’ but ‘Nicke Borg Homeland’ is his solo project. Nick Borg started his solo career to do the creative things he could not do with the ‘Backyard Babies’: combine to roots of the Backyard Babies (Social Distortion and Guns N’ Roses) with his appreciation for Americana artists and Johnny Cash.

‘Ruins of a Riot’, now released in Europe, seems to be his third solo album. It has some of that Backyard Babies rock and roll but it has more to do with mainstream and commercial American pop rock. You know melodic, poppy, easy listening and radio friendly Nickelback alike rock music with some classic rock ballads.

Nothing really ground breaking, a bid cheesy at times and who knows may it is somebody’s ‘guilty pleasure’. 7/10

Track list:
1. This Army
2. Makin Out With Chaos
3. Midsummer Mad
4. End Of The Rainbow
5. Borrowed Feathers
6. Out Of Line
7. Revolution
8. Heartless Hooligan
9. Ruins of a Riot
10. Devil Angel Mother



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