REVIEW: Hard Evidence / Butcher Boys – split EP

frontcoverHard Evidence / Butcher Boys – split EP
7” 2014 Rebellion Records / Longshot Music

Earlier this month Rebellion Records released their #100 release, a split EP with Hard Evidence from St. Louis (USA) and Butcher Boys (Australia).

Also earlier this year Rebellion Records and Longshot Music already released ‘Last One Standing’, a promising début by Hard Evidence. Now on this new EP ‘Hard Evidence’ brings two new songs called ‘Forgotten’ and ‘Bled Dry’. Those songs again capture classic British Oi and Punk, combined with the more melodic sing-a-long style of American street punk. So, no disappointment here and again some good quality, rough edged but catchy punk songs.

The Australian ‘Butcher Boys’ fill up the B-side with ‘Just Us’ and ‘Garbage Man’. Butcher Boys is a side project by Alex Rusty from ‘The Corps’. These songs are a bid rougher on the edges and real straightforward streetpunk/Oi anthem. Musically I prefer the contribution from Hard Evidence over the Butcher Boys but nevertheless its another good Rebellion Records release. 7/10

Track List:
A1. Hard Evidence: Forgotten
A2. Hard Evidence: Bled Dry
B1. Butcher Boys: Just Us
B2. Butcher Boys: Garbage Man



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