REVIEW: Those Unknown – Contribution

b8d26b_6b527afc21014c63b214bae733b7e12b.jpg_srz_348_348_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzThose Unknown – Contribution
7” 2014 Contra Records

To be honest I never heard of this band before. According to their biography ‘Those Unknown’ is a streetpunk band that started in 1989 by Bill Owens in New Jersey. After more than a decade on the east coast Bill Owens relocated to Santa Rosa, California where he reformed the band with new members. After several years of switching band members the group disbanded temporarily but in 2010 Bill Owens reformed the band with Mike Weslowski, Jason Danty, and Ian Williamson.

Now Those Unknown are back with a brand new 7″ containing two fucking catchy street punk songs. ‘Build A Prison’ and ‘Getting While The Getting Is Good’ really catch the spirit of 77 punk and 80s Oi! combined with a classic rock and roll beat. Its a bid like The Street Dogs hooking up with Stiff Little Fingers to jam together. To bad it is just a 7”, because it has a taste for more 8,5/10

Track List:
A1. Build A Prison
B1. Getting While The Getting Is Good



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