REVIEW: TOPNOVIL – Blast the Stereo

Topnovil_cover2TOPNOVIL – Blast the Stereo
2014 LP Contra Records

Topnovil is another Australian punk band I never heard of before. They were established in 1997. The ‘Blast The Stereo’ LP is the vinyl début for TOPNOVIL in Europe. It was originally released on CD in Australia in 2013.

Musically the album consists of twelve fast, melodic and catchy street punk and roll songs with some skapunk tunes here and there. Nothing very spectacular but ‘Blast The Stereo’ certainly is a more then decent punk rock record that will appeal to the fans of Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards, Old Firm Casuals but also Rancid and Left Alone. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Let It Boom
2. Hit n’ Run
3. Jackie
4. Lone Wolf
5. Ghetto
6. Battleground
7. Ride
8. Stereo
9. Warfare
10. Enemy
11. Gutless
12. The Dead



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