REVIEW: Harsh Realms – PØLP

harsh-realms-polp-e1411655847342Harsh Realms – PØLP
CD/LP/Digital 2014 Shield Recordings.

The Roosendaal (the Netherlands) punk rockers from Harsh Realms are back with a full album after releasing a 7” (Sink in Time/Chemistry) and a split 7” with ‘Dear America’. The album is released by the fine people of Shield Recordings.

When the ‘Sink In Time/Chemistry’ 7” came out, I was a bid disappointed because it was only a two song 7” that was so fucking enjoyable that it couldn’t satisfy my hunger. After listening to their latest full-length they leave me behind as stuffed as a Christmas turkey. PØLP is a record full of solid punk rock tunes and good rocking melodic songs for the fans of Hot Water Music, … 8.5/10

Track list:
1. Fragile Times Above The Flood
2. Cityscape
3. Hiroo
4. To Be Honest
5. In Need Of Guidance
6. I The Cause
7. The Clapperboard
8. First At The Crime Scene
9. Flogging A Dead Horse
10. This Silence
11. Last At The Party Scene


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