REVIEW: Great Sale Day – Wild And Chunky

finalfrontGreat Sale Day – Wild And Chunky
LP 20104 Close To Home Records

Great Sale Day is a new project by current and ex-members of U.K. hardcore bands such as Basement, Your Demise, Unholy Majesty and Breaking Point but don’t expect a record full of heavy hardcore or punk songs. What you get is a record with slow and mid-tempo melancholy 90s alt-rock songs influenced by bands as Nada Surf, Weezer, …

To be honest, I’m not sure If Weezer would like it to be called an influence here. Is it just me or is ‘Wild and Chunky’ the most boring thing I’ve ever heard? It certainly wouldn’t be a great buy if I could pick this one up on sale. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Track list:
1. Do Not Want To
2. Calm Down, Slow Down
3. Up In The Clouds
4. Best Friends
5. True (Why Can’t You Be)
6. Wake Up
7. Act 1: Scene 2 – Romance Is Dead
8. Your Medicine
9. Shout Out To The Girl In The Red Dress, I Feel You, Shout Out The Guy In The Armani Jacket, I See What You’re Doing There
10. Great Sale Day
11. Watch and Repeat


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