REVIEW: Sweet Empire – Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us

SLD 067 CoverSweet Empire – Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us
CD/LP 2014 Shield Recordings

Sweet Empire is a punk rock band from the Netherlands formed in 2008 and they already have a few LP’s, 7 inches, CD’s and tapes out. In October they released their latest full-length ‘Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us’ through Shield Recordings for the Benelux. The album comes with some nice looking picturesque artwork done by Ingwar Perton Art.

Musically ‘Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us’ is a catchy punk rock album full of socio-political songs, critical songs covering topics as the global war on drugs (Wire), food production and animal rights (The Abattoir), morals and ideals (The Breakfast Club Revisited), revolutionists (Rosa), environmental issues (Black Crops & Green Seas) and our society in general. At first I had to get a bid used to the way of singing in some songs. The vocals even sometimes remind me of Marco Roelofs from the Heideroosjes (RIP).

‘Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us’ ended up being a nice punk rock album with shin bone kicking songs that certainly deserve their place in the Sun. Fist in the air, Go! 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Wire
2. The Abattoir
3. The Breakfast Club Revisited
4. Rosa
5. Soapbox
6. Business Bastards
7. Black Crops & Green Seas
8. Army Boys
9. Unsolving Problems (In The Animal Kingdom)
10. Pretty
11. Prometheus
12. A Place In The Sun
13. Burning Bibles



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