BANDS TO CHECK: The Blue Eyed Bandits, Buzzkill Sultan, Punk-a-Holic, …


When one band goes to waste out of its ashes usually a handful of new bands arise or its members were already active in other (side)projects. The Red Light Rumors (BE) are dead but its members are active in following bands:

  • Buzzkill Sultan: a brand new garage/punk rock band with former Red Light Rumor members Wesley (guitar), Gerd (vocals/guitar) and Bart (bass).
  • Punk-a-Hollic: punk rock cover band, active since 2010, with latest Red Light Rumor bass player Koen.

Probably there will be one or more bands of the above you like, so go check them out when you can.

Also some nice events are coming up in Aarschot, unfortunately they are on the same date:

  • 19.12.2014: SOON will play a reunion concert at De Loods. When Soon called it quits a couple of years ago, members moved on with new bands like f.e. Isbells, Marble Sounds and many others. More info here
  • 19.12.2014: another fine edition of the WINTER RUMBLE + Retromarkt at CC het Gasthuis, more info here.10405311_10152965126838974_8867759525019632117_n

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