REVIEW: Dowzer – Bummercamp

1393459_10152883319699282_7564136040612022914_nDowzer – Bummercamp
CD/tape/digital 2014 No Panic Records / Trilob Records

The Dutch punkrockers from Dowzer are back with a new album called Bummercamp out on the German label No Panic Records. A tape version is available through Trilob Records. It is the follower to the 2012 EP ‘Facing Paper Tigers’, the 2010 CD ‘Not As Plant’ and the 2008 ‘Concrete Smiles At Aisle Five’ CD.

Listening to ‘Bummercamp’ I have the feeling that the album, according to the artwork, the lyrics, and the atmosphere coming form the songs, takes you back in time: to your childhood when kids (maybe like you) got bullied at school, or to your struggling teens or emerging adulthood, … The album, in a way, has a dark feeling, it breathes some negativity but still with a positive message of never giving in, standing your ground and just being yourself.

This band need to get some more publicity, airplay, …, they certainly deserve it because Dowzer can play some decent catchy and poppy nineties inspired punkrock. 8/10

Track list:
1. Ready! Set! Nevermind…
2. Choke On Your Envy
3. My Number One
4. Bottomless Pits
5. What They Want
6. Bricks
7. Same Four Chords
8. Trembling Hands
9. From The Heart
10. Pulling The Strings




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