REVIEW: Convict – Burn The Flags

SR012Convict – Burn The Flags
CD/LP 2015 Strength Records

The Belgium melodic old-school hardcore band Convict returns after 8 years with a brand new album called ‘Burn The Flags’. It is their fourth album and it will be released in January 2015 through ‘Strength Records’, the record label founded by Onno Cro-Mag (RIP) and Roger Miret from Agnostic Front. Convict certainly is no stranger to the scene with previous releases (’24/7′ and ‘The Passion flow’) out on Belgium’s/USA most legendary hardcore label ‘I Scream Records’ (Deviate, …).

When you put bands as Shelter and Ignite in a blender, add some H2O, some Warzone & NYHC and some punk rock sing-a-longs, you get a pretty good idea what ‘Burn The Flags’ from Convict is all about. It is good to hear that there still is a band in Belgium that plays this kind of energetic melodic hardcore.

Convict couldn’t release a better album to kick-start this band again. ‘Burn The Flags’ is been spinning regularly at the ‘Out Of Step Fanzine’ office. It still is growing on me and it seems that I can’t get enough of it. Grab it when it is released. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. The Voice That Speaks
2. Strength
3. My Dedication
4. Burn The Flags
5. Feed The Fire
6. In The Mirror
7. Our Values
8. Going For Gold
9. Join This Death
10. Suffering



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