REVIEW: Black Ball – Coward’s Punch

131473_V2 - SP sleeve Model (1Black Ball – Coward’s Punch
7” 2014 Rebellion Records

Black Ball is another streetpunk/Oi! rock and roll project from down under signed to Rebellion Records. Together with Marching Orders, Slick 46, The Corps, Razorcut, Butcher Boys, Plan Of Attack… Rebellion Records lately collected a whole bunch of Aussi bands on their roster. Black Ball is the solo project by The Corps and Rust guitarist Bevynn. He wrote all the songs and recorded all the instruments but he got a little help from Barry (Plan Of Attack), Al (Marching Orders, Razorcut), Alex (The Corps), Garry (Rust) and Carol (Ozska’s) on vocals and Kev (The Corps, AVO) on guitar.

Four catchy songs, fronted by some raw but melodic vocals is what Coward’s Punch has to offer. This début EP is a very enjoyable blend of some good old fashioned streetpunk / Oi! with guitar driven Aussi rock’,’roll. To sum it up, Black ball’s ‘Coward’s Punch’ has a sound raised on British Oi and Rose Tattoo. This EP certainly is worth it, if you are into Aussi Oi rock’n’roll. 8/10

Track list:
1. Coward Punch
2. Lights On
3. First Love
4. Running from You



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