REVIEW: NitroDive – Re-Evolution

140918_Nitrodive_Re-Evolution_Frontpic_RGBNitroDive – Re-Evolution
CD 2014 Gain Music

NitroDive is another Swedish, Gothenburg band from the Gain Music roster. The album is recorded, mixed and produced by the Swedish Grammy award winner Thomas ”Plec” Johansson.

In contrast to other Gain Music bands as Engel and Outtrigger, NitroDive has no progressive and modern rock sound. NitroDive is a pure rock and roll machine with an energy driven rock sound. Re-evoluiton is an album full of raw but catchy melodies, an album full of classic rock anthems and party rock anthems. Its feels like a garage rock version of Steel Panther with a tiny dash of punk rock.

‘Re-Evolution’ is an explosive rock album that sounds pretty familiar. 7,5

Track list:
1. Re-EvolutionIE
2. Dance
3. Back To Stay
4. Dead Or Alive
5. Someday
6. Woman
7. Wake Up
8. Bad Blood
9. Because Of You
10. Dying To Live



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