REVIEW: Outtrigger – The Last Of Us

140827_Outtrigger_TLOU_Frontpic_1500x1500_RGBOuttrigger – The Last Of Us
CD 2014 Gain Music

With bands as Avatar, Nick Borg Homeland, Engel and this Outtrigger, the Swedish record label Gain Music is working with a varied of rock and metal artists who cross genre boundaries going from more progressive mainstream rock to modern metal and anything in between.

‘The Last Of Us’ is the début full-length album by Outtrigger, a new young rock band from Sweden. The band has been nominated for ‘Best rock act’ at Rockbjörnen, played national Swedish television for over 3 million people and the single ‘Echo’ have reached over 1,5 million streams on Spotify. Quite a promo talk don’t you think?

With ‘The Last Of Us’, Outtrigger is not going for a niche market but aims their arrows at a large audience by combining mainstream rock with nu metal and current sounds and beats. It seems that Sweden with bands as Outtrigger and Engel is setting a standard for modern rock and metal. Again this record will not be for everyone, fans of a more conservative and traditional rock and metal will not be easy to convince with this a bid mellow and more modern sound. I’m certain that there will a big audience for modern rock bands like this but I’m not sure how long this trend (if we can speak of a trend in the first place) will last. I guess that there will always be new sounds to adopt so I don’t think that this will be the last of them that we will hear. 7/10

Track list:
1. Superman is Dead
2. No Excuse
3. World of Fire
4. Echo
5. You Left As You Came
6. Awaken Me (Acoustic Version)
7. Colder
8. Blame on You
9. One with the Pain
10. The Last of Us



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