NEWS: Perspective Records are releasing the upcoming Reactions album.

PR11_flyerPerspective Records (BE) is proud to announce that they are releasing the upcoming full album ‘Soul Witness’ of one of Australia’s best hidden secrets: REACTIONS!

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Reactions is a five piece hardcoreband that will blow your mind! These youngsters are the new breed of Australian hardcore and they’ll give you a perfect example of what this continent is all about.

This heavy riff laden hardcore band prooves with their new album “Soul Witness” that in the modern terms of hardcore they are a band to keep an eye on! “Soul Witness” brings you 11 powerful songs of riffing metallic hardcore and will be released on CD from January 23rd in Europe exclusively through Perspective Records.

You can listen to 2 songs of the new album here.The second song “Bound By Blood” includes guest vocals by David Wood from Down To Nothing (usa)/Terror (usa). Pre-orders are now online at the Perspective webshop.

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