REVIEW: Haut&Court – Troffea

coverHaut&Court – Troffea
CD/digital 2015 Basement Apes

Haut&Court is a band from Strasbourg founded in 2012 and recorded their first EP ‘La Vie’ later that year. Troffea is the bands début full length and named after the woman that made Strasbourg dance to death in 1518, according to an article written by John walker in 2008 for the BBS.

The album will be released in February 2015 on Basement Apes. Musically this album is just pure madness and not really my favourite kind of musical entertainment. It is a brutal attack on your ears and sanity. I guess this one is more for the grind core or whatsoever fans.

Track list:
1.Sea of Shit
2. Putin
3. Caligari
4. Meursault
5. 1518
6. Ostinator
7. Chosta
8. Hienes
9. Swing
10. Feed the Fat
11. Goetz
12. JMLP


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