REVIEW: Neverstore – s/t

neverstore-2013Neverstore – s/t
CD 2014 Gain Music

Neverstore are a Swedish rock band that play poppunk with a tiny touch of heaviness. The band released their début ‘Seven Hundred Sundays’ in 2007 and after three albums, five years of touring, winning the MTV European Music Awards it now is time to release their fourth album onto the world.

This s/t album is real MTV material with its poppy rock songs, its ballads and its few rebellious punky tunes packed in sweetness (not too sweet but still sweet enough). Neverstores s/t offers the kind of poppunkrock that is just too sweet for a decent circle pit. The songs are catchy and smooth, certainly radio friendly but nevertheless done well. It will not take the poppunk scene by force but it might appeal to some teens. 7/10

Track list:
1. For the Rest of My Life
2. My Own Paradise
3. Bullets and Quicksand
4. Work Eat Sleep Repeat
5. Unbreakable
6. Got My Heart to the Left
7. Show You the World
8. Degrading
9. Good Time for Disaster
10. Do You Miss Me?
11. In My Neighbourhood
12. Lost


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