REVIEW: VODZ – Into the Woodz

10639561_638487089598570_3745672309391431747_nVODZ – Into the Woodz

When I received ‘The Road’ EP by VODZ in 2013, I was pleasantly surprised by this alternative rock band from Belgium. They had their own rebellious sound of no-nonsense rock and roll: a nice mixture of garage rock, country, rockabilly with a dash of surf and post punk elements soaked in an alternative 80’s rock vibe.

At the end of last years they released a new album called ‘Into The Woodz’ that starts idyllic with some bird sounds as intro. What follows is a diversity of songs that seem to sound a bit darker and a bit more monotonous (which is not a bad thing) than their previous songs. It seems that the dark 80’s and some doom metal and stoner are haunting through the songs more then before.

If I have to pick some favourites it will be ‘Blackness’, ‘Demons’ and the cover of ‘Ain’t no Grave’, a traditional by Brother Claude Ely but mostly know by the Version of Johnny Cash and one of my favourite Cash songs. It forms the perfect ending for this superb rock album. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Hand Of God
2. Blackness
3. Into The Woodz
4. Remember
5. Demons
6. How Do You Do It?
7. Sinnerman
8. Chaussée d’Amour
9. The Howling
10. Ain’t No Grave


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