REVIEW: Crown Court – Ruck And Roll

COVER_SMALLCrown Court – Ruck And Roll
7” 2015 Rebellion Records

Here is another British Oi! release by Rebellion Records. This time its a 3-song 7” by London based ‘Crown Court’ called ‘Ruck and Roll’. It is the follower to the 2014 ‘Trouble From London’ demo.

These 3 songs on ‘Ruck And Roll’ are some of the fastest and most pissed off British Oi!/steetpunk songs I’ve heard so far. This is probably explained by the fact that some of the band members roots lay in the UKHC scene. Some members also play in UKHC band Violent Reaction. Personally I like my streetpunk and Oi! music to be more melodic but if you don’t mind it to be a bit rougher and a bit more wasted, don’ hesitate to check it out. 7/10

Track list:
1. 3 Stretch
2. Style Identified
3. Away (Gilpin Rock)


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