REVIEW: Last Crusade – s/t

cover_lc_smallLast Crusade – s/t
digital/7” 2015 DIY/Rebellion Records

In 2014, Last Crusade (UK), released a four song digital demo but early 2015 Rebellion Records decided to sign this band and give the demo a proper vinyl release.

Music wise this EP contains four straightforward Oi! songs with a rock and roll beat influenced by hardcore, punk and classic British Oi! and fronted by rough vocals. It offers four songs that deal with some of the classic Oi! and punk themes: ‘Deadbeat’ is about being stuck in routine, ‘Morally Bankrupt’ deals with unreliable media and ‘Cycle of Terror’ is about all sorts of religious extremism. The last song ‘Personne’ is a cover from ‘the Warrior Kids’.

This demo is nothing new but its strength comes from the good combination of Oi! roughness and rocking melodies. It certainly is a nice EP for the fans of boot boy rock and roll. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Deadbeat.
2. Morally Bankrupt
3. Cycle Of Violence
4. Personne (Warrior Kids Cover)


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