REVIEW: River Jumpers / Lost In Society – split

10849996_10152912590328094_9122021482457491998_nRiver Jumpers / Lost In Society – split
12” LP 2014 Panic State Records

This 6 song 12” split LP is out since December on Panic State Records (USA) and offers three songs by New Jersey, USA based Lost In Society and three songs by River Jumpers from the UK.

River Jumpers contribution to this split EP are three emo driven melodic UK punk rock tracks. The first song ‘All Our Histories’ certainly sets a good expectation for the rest of the tracks, an expectation that is met with ‘Coffeeshop Revolutionaires’ but fails a bit with ‘Diamonds’, which has a big high school sweetheart feeling going on and sounds a bit cheesy.

The next songs by ‘Lost In Society’ are a bit different they sound more like grunge meets punk rock, certainly on the second track ‘Too Late Too Far’. Lost In Society’s contribution gives a nice contrast to the River Jumpers songs and this contrast certainly makes it a cool split record. 7,5/10

Track list:
River Jumpers:
1.All Our Histories
2. Coffeeshop Revolutionaries
Lost In Society
1. Plastic
2. Too Late Too Far
3. Unknown


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