REVIEW: The adolescents / Svetlanas – Hot War

HotWar_FrontCoverThe adolescents / Svetlanas – Hot War
7” 2015 Altercation Records

California punk legends The adolescents recently released a split 7” with the female-fronted punk band from Russia/Italy the Svetlanas. It is always cool when a legendary cult band as The Adolescents who are spreading punk rock for over 35 years team up with, I guess for most of us, a lesser known punk band like the Svetlanas.

The Adolescents with their 80s melodic hardcore/punk rock need no introduction. With their contributions ‘Fukushima Lemon Twist’ and ‘Forever Summer’ they sound a bit like The Offspring, but better. The still proof to be on the head of the game. Svetlanas have a more bitchier and creepier punk sound, influenced by a late seventies punk attitude and in a way enriched with a twist of the Casualties.

This limited edition 7” is a must have for the fans of both bands but also for hardocre punk and punk rock supporters in general. 8.5/10

Track list:
1. The Adolescents: Fukushima Lemon Twist
2. Svetlanas: Tales from The Alpha Brigade
3. Svetlanas: Step Back
4. The Adloscents: Forever Summer


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