REVIEW: Pink Panzer – Dick In Dixie

ch26Pink Panzer – Dick In Dixie
2015 7” Chapter Eleven Records / CORPitus

I hope I’m not completely on the wrong track here ;-). As far as I could find out, Pink Panzer was a G.A.S.H (Gay and Aryan Skinhead) UK pub rock band active from 1975 till 1983. Only one original member is still alive. It seemed that Pink Panzer were a parody to Skrewdriver. They played Skrewdriver songs with changed lyrics adding a homosexual content.

Chapter Eleven Records is re-releasing their long out of print material and this 7” contains the songs ‘Dick In Dixie’ and ‘HIV from the ZOG’. These two songs have a real catchy southern rock vibe with a dash of streetpunk rock and roll. Is it funny? Considering if it really is a Skrewdriver parody, you can say it is but let’s not discuss humour shall we.

If you like some catchy sounding non-politically correct, humoristic southern rock and roll songs, then you should check this out.

Track list:
1. Dick in Dixie
2. HIV From The ZOG


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