INTERVIEW: Evil Invaders (B)

1972385_687195411327264_1026821446_nEvil Invaders is one of the most prominent Belgium metal export products nowadays. It would not surprise me if they used the time machine from professor Barabas and zipped their asses from the 80’s to the mid-2000’s with a mission to conquer the world with their Evil sounds.
Here is a Q and A with Joe (Vocals/Guitar) from Evil Invaders.

OOS: “First of all congratulations for what you already achieved with Evil Invaders: winning the Limbomania contest, a well-received first EP and some great tours. It must feel awesome to be appreciated?”

Joe: “Thanks! Yes! All the stuff that happened to us in the last two years! It’s incredible … it’s way beyond the expectations we had in the first place. We had the chance to tour with one of the biggest German Thrash metal legends, we flew over to Japan for two kickass sold-out shows, did a headlining tour through Europe, played a lot of festivals like Graspop Metal Meeting, MetalFest CZ, Out & Loud, Devilstone in Lithuania, Pukkelpop,… and all of that with just one EP!

It’s really great to see so many people supporting what we do and we’re really thankful for that!! But don’t worry, we keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. You never know what happens next in the music scene haha. But for now we’re enjoying every single moment of our lives. We love being on the road and play our music all over the world! We hope to have a lot of new opportunities now that we have a big label like Napalm to help us to spread our tunes. We’re really excited about what the future will bring!”

OOS: “Evil Invaders is in a way still quite a new band, but you are doing great at the moment. When did it all started and what triggered you to start the band? Did you ever expected how it is turning out for you all?”

Joe: “We started off as a bunch of kids with an incredible love for old-school metal bands. We just wanted to party, cover some songs and write some Thrash metal music. We didn’t think about things on the long term, we were taking things day by day. It wasn’t until the release of our EP in 2013 (4 years after our first show) that we started realizing we could accomplish things way beyond playing shows only in Belgium and the neighbouring countries. We started touring and doors just started opening for us. We played some shows in Spain, did our first tour through Europe and played the Keep It True festival. We gained a shitload of fans and friends all over Europe. Things just kept on going faster and faster. We embraced all the opportunities people gave us with open arms and worked really hard to improve our live performances. We didn’t expect things to go that fast for us man! It’s amazing!”

OOS: “Your style is a crossover of heavy metal, speed metal and trash metal, not easy to categorize for the ones who like to put bands in boxes :-). Who or what influence Evil Invaders the most?”

Joe: “Glad you say that! We don’t like to think in the box-way either. We’re influenced by almost everything! Things that happen around us, the wide range of bands we listen to, things we really don’t like, … haha.
I would say we’re mainly influenced by the bigger bands of the early metal days such as: Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Exciter, Exodus, Led Zeppelin, Savatage, Motörhead,… Our music will remind you of the 80’s metal bands, but we don’t copy them. We try to bring back that energy going on in that time. We really feel the adrenaline pumping as soon as we hit the stage and we really play the music that we love. I think you can see that if you come to one of our shows.”

10577100_751025321610939_6565079691657428104_nOOS: “In 2014 you went on a European tour with Striker (CAN) and Screamer (SWE), you toured with Alpha Tiger, have an upcoming tour with Skull Fist, … You play(ed) a lot of amazing tours and shows all over the world. It almost seems like getting these tours and shows is easy?”

Joe: “Well, we work really hard to keep on improving as a band and we try to be on the road as much as we can. The more people that know about you, the more fans you’ll get and the easier it will be to get offers for shows! We really can’t complain about the amount of offers we get but we’re also working with Rock The Nation, the booking agency and that makes things easier for us too!
We’ll be hitting the road again right after our release parties here in Belgium. We’ll be joining Majesty on their European tour and then Skull Fist in May/June, it’s going to be great too! We’ve known these guys for a couple of years now and we always had great parties with these motherfuckers. Don’t know if we’ll survive though… 5 weeks in a van. That’s the longest we’ve ever been on tour. It’s going to be a challenge but nobody said it would be easy! No risk, no gain! Haha”

OOS: “It certainly must result in some amazing stories to tell?

Joe: “It sure does man! It sure does…
I remember the after party of the first day of the weekend in Japan! Free drinks, a shitload of people and a whole lots off pizza’s. We had an awesome night but we had to be in the venue the next morning at 11am and we were all suffering bad jet lag because we just arrived 1 day before. Don’t remember what time we went to bed but I do remember waking up in the morning to my alarm clock. A few minutes later I saw Sam (Guitar) and Nico (Bass) coming out of their bedrooms too. We knocked on Senne’s (Drums) door but there was no answer. Since he’s the only one that’s actually good at getting up early in the morning we went down for breakfast to meet him there. No sign of Senne… hmm… I went back upstairs and started banging on the door to wake him up. After 2 minutes I finally heard something coming out of the room. Something that sounded like: UUUUAAAAArrghhgauuueaahhhh…. We found him on the floor next to his bed. Still wearing his clothes. Still drunk. He didn’t make it to his bed hahahaha. I’m still surprised about the fact that he managed to play an amazingly tight show that night..

I also recall climbing on the roof of the Ferry/Boat at night when we were on tour with Destruction and Lost Society. We were caught by the security crew after 15 minutes but it was a really cool experience to be in the middle of the sea under a clear black sky having some beers on the Helicopter platform of a boat.

Rule number one on the nightliner tour with Destruction and Lost Society was: DO NOT SHIT IN THE BUS!
We had a toilet but since we were always running out of water to flush it, we could only go there for a piss. But on one of the last days our bass player Nico just couldn’t hold it anymore and I remember waking up in my sleeping bunk and the first thing I heard was Nico saying : “Hey guys, I took a shit! But don’t worry… I did it in a bag!” So I looked up and I saw him standing there with this bag of shit in his hand like it was the most normal thing in the world. Everybody was looking at him like “what the fuck is happening” so he started looking for a window to throw the bag outside but the bus was so narrow that he had to pass really closely to everybody that was standing there and that’s when the chaos started. I remember Schmier going like: “Get that fucking thing away from me! Take it to the driver!!!” Nico was going back and forth with his bag of shit in the bus while it was driving, swinging to the left and the right when it took a turn and everybody was shouting at him to keep away from them hahahaha! In the end the driver managed to go to the side of the road and we managed to throw the shit out on the highway hahahaha. It really could have been a scene in a comedy movie man! Hahaha!

Those are just a few things that come to my mind right now but there are so many things happening in such short notice in the last few years that it’s hard to remember everything on command.”10277424_829875400392597_7487560881865872964_n

OOS: “You also signed a deal with Napalm Records from Austria. A new album ‘Pulses of Pleasure’ will be released. How did this deal came to its existence?

Joe: “Actually, Napalm contacted us right after the release of our EP. Shortly after, we’ve met the A&R at our gig in Austria and he seemed really enthusiastic about what we do so we kept contact and signed the contract a few months later. We’re really happy with what Napalm did for us so far and we’re curious about what it can mean for us in the future. They give us all the freedom we asked for concerning artwork, music, deadlines,… and that’s really important to us. We like to keep this band pure and honest.”

10887495_830277710352366_8157887548803627090_oOOS: “All these amazing shows, the line-up change, … How will this be reflected in the new album? Is there much difference in comparison to the EP?”

Joe: “We’re still the same speed/thrash/heavy metal band as we were, but we took this album to a whole new level. There’s more depth in the songs and you will hear that we all improved a lot as musicians. We took our time to get the exact sound we wanted for this band and to get the mixing and mastering right. We didn’t want a modern over-compressed sound so we chose to keep it as dynamic as possible just like the bands in the 80’s used to sound like, but still this album will sound like something new. Something you don’t hear that often. We did everything ourselves and I think that was the right way to work for us. We’re really satisfied with what we achieved on this record and in my opinion there’s not a single filler among the 9 new tracks we’ve recorded!”

10959848_10153098196771052_6453309815302307074_nOOS: “It also seems like things were/are going fast for Evil Invaders. Never had/have the feeling that things are going too fast or that you fear that it all will end suddenly in a burn out or something?

Joe: “So far, so good, … so what? Haha
We’re working hard but we really enjoy what we do. Sometimes it’s hard to combine this lifestyle with our personal lives and to find some time for the people that are close to us but they understand what we do and they support us. Which doesn’t always mean that it’s easy though… We have these chances now and we would be stupid to let this opportunity pass us by. Not a lot of people get this chance in life and it’s hard to make it in the music business these days. So we must be on the road and keep on writing new stuff to keep our heads above the water. I would hate the idea of growing old in regret of letting that dream slip through my fingers.
Things could always end faster than you expect but that’s not a reason to worry too much now and live in fear of what may come. I could be dead tomorrow so might as well get the maximum out of it while we still can! We’re living our lives in the fast lane but we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

OOS: “Thank you Joe and Evil Invaders for your time and good luck.”



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